Sponsorship and Advertising Opertunities - Advertising Plans - Special introductory offers!
Text link- Advertising: - Special introductory offer!
Our text link program is currently priced at a flat fee of $50.00 per year for a 50 letter placement. These ads are rotated on the targeted page of choice for a one year period. $50.00 per year special introductory offer!
Banner Advertising: - Special introductory offer!

Our Banner Ad program is currently priced at a flat fee of $100.00 per year for a 120px x120px placement. These ads are locked to the targeted page of choice for a one year period.

$100.00 Per Year special introductory offer!

The banner system is only available to the music industry, for music and arts advertising. We're filling blank spaces, early purchasers will get a lot of free placements through out the sites many pages.

Our goal, is to keep the prices low so bands with new releases can afford, these targeted banners.

  Network Newsletter Advertising: - Special introductory offer!
  Our Newsletter advertising program is currently priced at a flat fee of $100.00 per newsletter for a text placement and links. These will be archived in our network as well.
  Network Sponsorship Information:
  The sponsorship program allows each sponsor a targeted page We are opening up three placement per page for sponsorships. First come first serve. A great place for your company to maintain branding and reconition!

These can be flash or traditional banners, and all placements are locked for a one year period, we're open to sponsors moving ads to new pages if the positions are open. Eventually this will be automated.

  Traditional Media Advertising Packages :
  We're working on two projects, that will take us into the realms of traditional media. A 30 minute cable TV show and a music magazine. These both will be archived on-line and distributed traditionally. We're developing a number advertising packages that have never been availible to independents. This is the true power of a music consortium. By joining forces we can bring the costs of marketing down to rates our bands and artists can afford. These are our first attempts at packaging our new media offers. Prices may change or vary.
  New Media Advertising Coopertive

Between our on line TV show, web site, and magazine you would think we've covered it all..wrong! The Musicgroups Network continues to offer cutting edge new media developments, with immersive animation, flash games, and other network style games in development.

The point of the cooperative is that it allows for resouces no small music site can afford on their own. We're also are building development teams, from masters developers worldwide and as our resource grows so will the pool of professional developers.

Allowing us to not only keep up with the mega sites, but to set the standard they will have to live up to. That is the objective of the coop.

If your company is looking for a development team, we becoming a premieer application design and development team, with full in house designers animators, programmers and testing environments.


Coming soon! is based on the new template driven system being developed for the Musicgroups Network. Expect improvements as the templates are refined!

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